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Three is the magic number

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My three words for ’09. (HT: Chris Brogan.)

Integrity: Live what I say I believe. My life changed dramatically in 2008 when I came on staff at NewSpring. And one of the things I noticed immediately was how much more prepared I would be too fulfill the ministry God had called me to if I had actually believed that I would get this opportunity. Although I was called to the ministry dramatically and early in my Christian life, it’s pretty obvious that I came to doubt God and his purpose for me. I’m praying that I trust in God’s promises, focus on who he made me to be and live it out his will to the full.

Adventure: Seize the promise of abundant life. I have an introverted streak, so I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking about life rather than living it. If you really want to influence people, if you really want to be engaging, first live an active, creative, adventurous life. That commitment is expressed first through my relationship to my wonderful, godly wife, and then my relationships with friends.

Fitness: Seek spiritual and physical balance. A few years ago I was a tri-athlete in training, and now I’m about 30 pounds of overweight. What I learned as an athlete (and as a recent slouch) is that my spiritual life is regulated in large part by my physical health. The same disciplines and routines that helped me eat and exercise well are the ones that help me focus and set aside time according to God’s priorities. And it helps that to enjoy all that life has to offer when you are in physically good shape.

There you go.

It’s a good exercise.

You should try it, too.


Written by NickCharalambous

January 1, 2009 at 6:17 pm

Posted in ruminations

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  1. great three… love “adventure”, especially when we get caught into a routine so much that we almost have blinders on to what is going on around us or the opportunities we have if we branch our and like you said, live.

    Scott Fillmer

    January 2, 2009 at 9:22 am

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