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Tossing out an idea: Church icampus Twitter mashup?

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So, we had this great idea about running a Twitter stream right alongside video of the worship service, instead of open chat. If it was good enough for the Presidential debates, why not a message?

We mocked it up for a couple of days. Then we tossed it away.

Here’s what we were thinking:

We loved the idea of 140 characters. Just long enough to comment on a crazy good sermon illustration. With no expectation of “conversation.” And less distraction. With the bonus of a great shared experience with folks you could passively or actively follow afterward. Kind of like microwaving your online church acquaintances into a “real” network, with hooks into broader networks, through linked blogs etc. And instant advertising for the experience, too.

Then we gave it a second thought.

What about all the noise from tweets no one would have any context for? And what about the fact that Twitter still isn’t a mass phenomenon. And the related issues of how do you explain Twitter to folk anyway? And getting folks to sign up? Especially when a lot of your icampus attenders may not be techno-savvy. And may not want to be.

Should we have tossed away these ideas?

NewSpring’s icampus, much like’s new icampus, probably won’t have real, durable profiles for chatters, so it will be interesting to see how folks sustain and extend their relationships outside the icampus.

Should we hope they’ll direct message or share their emails and social network tags with each other inside the chat? Or should we create an icampus group on a service like Twingr? Or just suggest Twitter?

What are your thoughts?


Written by NickCharalambous

November 20, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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